June 26th of 2010, we got married in Maui. Shortly after returning from our honeymoon we moved into a rental home together knowing it was not where we wanted to be forever. A year later at the Puyallup fair we went into model home built by Adair homes. Chris joked that he could easily live in a tiny home in the middle of nowhere on a million acres. I was the opposite. I wanted a bigger house with less acreage than he desired in a more urban location.

Since meeting Brian with Adair Homes at the fair we knew we wanted to build a home some day. We talked about this for three years and it took a year and a half to find our perfect property. It was a long search and we felt many times we would never find the perfect compromise.

Earlier this year we found our perfect property. We both loved it and it was exactly what both of us wanted after the year and half search. Unfortunately another couple put in an offer right before us and the offer was accepted. We were pretty bummed. We didn’t want to give up on this property after that long of a search however we had accepted the fact that it was gone.

Weeks later our Realtor got in touch with us saying the couple backed out of their offer and the property was soon to be available again. We immediately made an offer and they accepted it right away. Our dreams had come true. Finally, the first step.

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